A financial product in the hands of millions of clients


Brand localization for a brand that offers the best financial tools for employee motivation

Up Romania, part of the Up Coop group, brought to Romania the financial products for motivating employees and all the experience of the group in over 20 countries and tens of millions of customers. We worked together to locate product brands and adapt them to the specifics of the Romanian market.

The process began with the renaming of all the company’s products to meet the market and to generate local recognition among customers. This is how Up Dejun, Up Cultură, Up Vacanță and Up Cadou appeared.


Financial products


Brand strategy
Product concept
Product identity
Identity and visual universe

Financial product design

Up creates financial products for everyone. We translated this in the concept of “in everyone’s hand” to communicate the products general utility and ease of use.

Thus the hand becomes the central element of product identity and credit cards, from simple to complex and from icon to photo. The visual universe continues with specific elements for each individual product, resulting in both unity and identification and differentiation.

A complete product environment

Dynamic and adaptable, the visual universe transforms from simple to complex, with the hand in the foreground as a connecting element for all instances of communication.

Starting from these elements, we created all the materials surrounding the credit cards (covering and activation letters, guides, brochures, etc.) and brand communication elements.