Opening Up life experiences


We helped Up Romania in the process of discovering, defining, and launching a new corporate brand and a new brand positioning that is aligned with the current business landscape and tailored to new business directions.

After collaborating for several years in locating and launching new brands, and in response to changes and the integration of new products, we worked alongside Up Romania to align the brand’s positioning with the latest trends and changes in the company’s business environment.

We have incorporated the opportunities presented by Up’s financial products, as well as the brand’s commitment to continuous innovation, into a new core brand: “Open Up”. The new brand positioning is now centered around “Opening Up life experiences”. Given the diversity of the products and their applications, it was necessary to expand the positioning in three directions: “Opening Up life experiences”, “Opening Up business experiences”, and “Opening Up personal experiences”. This effectively covers the entire range of financial products offered.

To symbolize the brand’s commitment to opening experiences, the logo has been expanded into an open cube, representing the integration of all that Up represents.


Financial products


Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Verbal identity
Brand identity
Digital design

A complete brand implementation

The visual identity, created by opening the Up logo, is dynamic and versatile, seamlessly integrating into all communication needs. The opening cube becomes the centerpiece, symbolizing integration, visibility, inclusiveness, exploration, delivery, and innovation, just like Up’s product.

The brand is built cohesively, spanning from the company to its products, and from online to offline, showing dynamism and diversity.

An univers of illustrations

To create a consistent brand personality across all scenarios, we developed a collection of custom illustrations derived from the existing elements and key points of recognition. These illustrations maintain the integrity of shapes, colors, and the overall brand essence, all centered around the unifying symbol of the opening cube.

Personality through brand font

The visual universe is completed by a custom brand font. It is modern, simple, and clean, embodying the symbolism of the Up logo through subtle serifs that add a touch of uniqueness and personality to the brand.

Work experiences design

The comprehensive brand implementation also included the design of the office space. We developed a flexible system of elements inspired by the concept of cubes and openness, creating an atmosphere that generates recognition, assistance, motivation, and guidance. The office design aligns seamlessly with the brand’s spirit.

We created room and zone names derived from the core brand, enhancing them with relevant illustrations and brandscapes specific to each area. By designing cubes that are incorporated into walls, hung from above, or divided by glass, we enhanced the office landscape, providing clear directions and visual markers.