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A fresh brand identity putting Tranzia on the road to success in the logistics and transportation industry.

Tranzia has been operating in the logistics and transportation industry for the past 5 years. What makes them different from their competitors is the high level of personalisation and management they provide with their domestic and international logistics services.

However, their old branding didn’t showcase their unique approach within the industry. They needed a new brand identity which helped them break away from the uniformity of the transportation market and allows them to race ahead of their competition.

After taking the time to get to know the commercial direction of the company, we started the strategic branding process by renaming the company from CTA Tir Spedition to Tranzia. The name is simple, sonorous. It’s also expressive of the continuous adaptation and mobility of the company and its dual service offering covering transactions and transport.

The next step we took in the strategic branding process was to create a brand identity that clarifies the business through visualisation and highlights their leading qualities in the industry. We achieved this by creating a unique dynamic letter “T” formed by the ever-moving transport lines.

Tranzia’s brand positioning emphasises the main advantages that the company brings to its customers: simplification of transport operations and optimisation in terms of budget and time. The message we created; “O zi bună”, means to “Enjoy the day”. This summarises the benefits of its brand positioning and reaffirms the company’s commitment to quality and making life easier for the customer.

The final part of the strategic branding process was to develop the visual system. One of the main elements of this was creating an icon system that defines the company, without complicating their use. We successfully managed to communicate the entire commercial universe through drawn icons. From the types of freight and the values of the company to the categories of destinations. The whole visual platform was developed for use across all advertising and marketing materials.

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