Inside thinking for outside value


Thinkual helps entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized organizations improve by defining and implementing effective business processes.

We worked together with Thinkual to develop a brand that incorporates the company’s services and know-how. Thus we created Thinkual, a unique name that conveys the continuous thinking necessary to build effective business processes.

The name is continued by the brand positioning “Inside thinking for outside value” which conveys the company’s involvement in getting to know each individual customer in order to offer a solution as best adapted to their needs.




Brand strategy
Verbal identity
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Brand identity
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Digital design

The brand identity is based on the symbol of the arrow that creates business directions, directs resources and know-how and opens the way to new opportunities, from the inside out. Thus, the symbol of the tree made of arrows becomes the central element of brand communication.

The flexibility of the brand, which starts with elements derived directly from the visual identity, allows the brand to continuously innovate and adapt to each line of business. Thinkual manages to differentiate itself in a unique way in a sector with rigid brands and to communicate in a clear way “Inside thinking for outside value”.