Elegance, grace and performance for an annual world-class event

Cluj-Napoca, the new home of world rhythmic gymnastics

Once it won the opportunity to organize one of the world challenge cups, the Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation contacted us to define together the general brand vision and implementations for each type of event they organize.

We accepted the challenge by setting off with an event identity that was to combine everything that is best in this sport and bring together the universal values ​​that guide gymnasts around the world. Thus, Romania and Cluj-Napoca have become a reference point in performance sports.

The concept behind the brand is “celebrating and crowning performance”. We have built a powerful symbol that brings together the key elements and steps to performance. The final symbol is represented by a cup consisting of 3 ribbons, whose leg is formed by the gymnast in hyperextension. The symbol conveys victory, success and celebration.

A visual universe in accordance with the specifics of the sport

To carry the rhythm, grace, excellence and elegance further, we continued the brand construction with the definition of a visual universe whose central element became the ribbon, two-toned, built uniquely and dynamically.

Along with the other brand elements, it creates the communication landscapes necessary for transmitting the attributes of the sport to the target audience. The communication is complemented by strong messages, transmitted with the help of a custom font that crowns the identity.

The communication landscapes thus become simple but full of symbolism and significance, thus opening the way to further implementations.

Creating an atmosphere of competition and celebration

One of the main points of manifestation of the brand was in the competition halls. We have unitarily and consistently integrated the brand elements into a location design that will carry the story forward.

Based on brand colors, the design creates a perfect environment for the competition for both gymnasts, whose goal is maximum concentration and perfect performance, and for the public, whose goal is the joy of watching a competition at the highest level.

From competition to TV experience

We completed the brand experience by creating and designing TV graphics for the event. The design is developed based on a balanced use of brand elements to efficiently convey all the necessary information and to create the same competitive atmosphere for the audience behind the screen.

Elegance is an attitude. In rhythmic gymnastics, elegance is the end of continuous effort, dedication, talent and passion. We found these principles in the collaboration with Tomorrow Branding, with whom we built a brand that will delight us every year.

Irina Deleanu | President of Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation