A world-class event reaches greater heights with new branding

A new and advanced brand identity for Cluj-Napoca, the latest home of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup

After winning over the judges to organize the next Rhythmic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup, the Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation contacted our digital branding agency to redefine their general brand vision, identity, and strategy for this hotly anticipated event.

With great honor we accepted this challenge, knowing our brand design team would have to be on top of their game to deliver record-breaking results.

The goal for our branding agency was to represent our nation and Cluj-Napoca as a reference point for elite performance sports. To achieve this, we’d need to understand the universal values that guide gymnastics around the world.
Therefore, the concept behind the brand became “celebrating and crowning performance”. We built simple yet powerful brand images that unite key elements to exceptional performance.

The final symbol is a cup consisting of three ribbons, elevated by a gymnast in hyperextension. This overall visual conveys victory, success and is a celebration of the sport.

Branding, identity, and design with elite recognition

To further maintain the grace, strength, and excellence necessary to compliment the event, we completed the brand with this recognition in mind.

The central logo has four key elements:

  1. The gymnast – The symbol of people and athletes.
  2. The podium – The symbol of competition and hierarchy.
  3. The “W” ribbons – The symbol of “Women”, the “World” and rhythmic gymnastics.
  4. The cup – The symbol of victory, achievement, and celebration.

It was important to design our visual universe with continuity across all elements of the branding. This main image, alongside other branding elements, creates the visualization necessary for signifying the key attributes of the sport to the target audience. This communication is complemented with strong messages and a majestic custom font that crowns the brand identity.

The branding, identity, and design are simple, symbolic, and significant to such a superior sporting occasion.

Branding to create an atmosphere of competition and celebration

Decorating the location with our designs to carry the story forward, we consistently and strategically integrated the brand elements into the competition halls.

The finished design creates a perfect environment for the competition, helping gymnasts concentrate and inspiring them to reach new performance highs.

Branding for the TV experience

Finally, we completed the brand experience by designing TV graphics for the event. The simplistic balance of elements behind the design effectively conveys the brand messaging to the audience behind the screen. Transcending that competitive atmosphere from hall to screen was an integral part of this stage.

”In rhythmic gymnastics, elegance is the end of continuous effort, dedication, talent, and passion. We found these principles in the collaboration with Tomorrow Branding, with whom we built a brand that will continue to delight us every year.”

Irina Deleanu | President of Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation