Tetria - a partner for important decisions

We collaborated with Tetria, an architecture and construction company, to develop a complex brand through which the company can transmit to clients and collaborators the complete approach it has on the process of design and implementation in the field of construction. We started from the creation of a name – Tetria – which transmits flexibility and modularity. We built an identity based on the concept of duality design + functionality, each character of the wordmark having two parts. The identity was complemented by a visual system based on a simple, monochrome style, which clearly transmits the services and which modularly adapts to all types of materials that the company needs.

We have built a custom font which makes the brand get more recognition. The visual system further generates clarity from the documentation to the brand communication, managing to make orders to focus the clients and partners on what is important: the quality of the architectural and construction projects.

The modern approach delivered by the company and reinforced by the brand helps Tetria gain more traction in a rigid field. After the launch of the new brand, the company was able to access more complex and long term projects.