Building a brand identity for Tetria that generated more work in a rigid architectural and construction market

Tetria is an architecture and construction company. They reached out to us to transform their complex brand into one which simply conveys the approach and process of design and implementation in the construction field.

We started the rebranding process by changing the brand name to Tetria. This expresses their flexibility and modularity.

Our team then built a brand identity based on the concept of duality design and functionality, with each character of the wordmark having two parts.

We complemented the brand identity with the creation of a visual system, based on a simple, monochrome style. This helps showcase the services and which modularly adapts to all types of materials that the company needs.

To boost brand recognition, we developed a custom font as well. Applying this level of depth to the visual system generates further clarity in every form of communication. Allowing clients and partners to understand what’s important to the brand: the quality of the architectural and construction projects.