Donau. Integrate to grow.

Being in a stage of rapid development and wanting a strengthening of the market position and an unification of the product portfolio, Donau, a company that develops its own applications aimed at streamline and simplify sales activities and business processes, approached us to develop a new brand identity and strategy for the company.

A unique identity for the entire product portfolio

In its 15 years of activity, Donau has developed a portfolio of products and applications based on its own unique know-how. We have positioned these resources under the same brand core: “Integrate to grow”. The idea took shape as a monolithic brand architecture and a unitary brand identity for the entire product portfolio. This strategy aims to simplify branding and communication efforts both internally, where employees share the same resources and know-how for all products, as well as externally, where a clearer communication of the unity between applications and their integration possibilities was necessary.

An infinite and scalable visual system

The new visual language, like brand positioning, revolves around the concept of construction and integration, symbolizing Donau’s own competencies and integrating them with the businesses to which they are addressed. All brand resources were built from a 30 degree angle. The visual system thus created is scalable, allowing the construction of both communications specific to each product, as well as resources common to all products.

From offline to online and back

The new brand is scaled in a unitary way also in the company’s native environment of action and manifestation – the digital environment. The process of visual reconstruction in this environment began with the company website and continues with the redesign of the applications interfaces.

Integration and trust

By implementing the new brand, Donau once again confirmed that it is a trusted partner concerned with both the dynamism of the economic reality in which the company’s partners are active, as well as the development of new solutions, using the latest technologies.