Creating branding for Turdean Business Law which generates trust and a positive verdict from clients

Branding is becoming increasingly important in the professional law services segment due to the openness of the field to diverse communication environments.

Well-established Romanian lawyer, Ovidiu Turdean, turned to us to help him develop his own brand image as he looked to continue his work independently.

He was keen to create a brand that resonates with his core customers: entrepreneurs who seek confidential advice before legal support.

Turdean Law personalizari Tomorrow Branding 03 uai

Naming the brand

After conducting market research, we found that the lawyer’s name is ideal for creating trust. With this in mind, we created a brand name that revolved around Ovidiu Turdean’s name and his personality.

Through an internal audit, we discovered that the main goal of the company is to make good use of the law to improve client situations.

Considering these elements, we decided to keep his own name and consolidate it by applying the “Business Law” descriptive extension.

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Creating a brand identity

Ovidiu Turdean recognised the importance of marketing for law services. However, he understood that his budget wasn’t significant enough to compete with larger firms.

Therefore, we decided to design an identity that works on its own and doesn’t require strong communication efforts.

For this to work, our team focused on the most important attribute of this type of service: the relationship with the client. One of the key parts of achieving this was to personify the name in the form of a confidentiality symbol and build an identity that synthesises the person and embodies the services.

The brand architecture clarifies the categories of the services, while on a brand level, it reinforces the transfer of the graphic symbol.

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Logo Turdean Tomorrow Branding uai
Turdean Law materiale brand Tomorrow Branding uai

Professional, classy brand design

The first part of the brand design was to create a logo. We wanted to keep it simple and let the name do the selling. That’s why we created a graphic expression of the word Turdean.

At the same time, the logo design accurately reflects the spirit of the brand. It has a certain depth and coveys an important attribute of the experience provided by these confidential services.

The chosen colour emphasises the positive characteristics of the relationship with the attorney, while leaving enough room for personal perceptive associations.

These two characteristics are integral for customers to feel comfortable and signify the quality of services provided in the market.

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Turdean Law atribute brand Tomorrow Branding uai
Turdean business law uai
Turdean Litigii si arbitraj uai
Turdean Drept medical healthcare si pharma uai
Turdean proprietate intelectuala uai
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Turdean Law personalizari Tomorrow Branding uai
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Integrating the new branding

We merged the brand experience with the privacy concept. Most notably, the graphic implementation within the office location. Having a visual representation on the meeting room windows and around the office creates a sense of trust and puts clients at ease when they arrive.

We also integrated the new branding on presentation pages and the website. Having this level of cohesion across all client touchpoints is essential in building a recognisable brand.

Turdean Law office design Tomorrow Branding uai
Turdean Law website Tomorrow Branding uai

The impact of our work

Since launching the brand, Ovidiu Turdean has successfully developed Turdean Business Law into a well-respected firm in Romania.

From building an increasing online presence to handing out business cards, the brand has continued to grow and spread the word about its commitment to confidentiality of shared information.