Giving the Ocularia App a new vision and brand identity

Ocularia is an optical company operating in Romania and Hungary. To meet customer expectations, they wanted to develop an application that would connect patients with their doctors.

Having this solution would give the patient and the doctor real-time access to health records and pathology evolution. The app could also be used for sharing useful information with patients.

Ocularia needed us to help with the visual design of the platform and to provide verbal support.

Ocularia App Tomorrow Branding 01 uai

Establishing the app identity

Ocularia’s identity was built around the idea of clarity. The slogan, “Your eyes on our sight, day by day”, talks about the new approach of the company and the level of care the doctors provide their patients.

The identity we helped them create uses transparent layers to capture the complexity of this area, while the brand communication expresses the idea of eye health care.

Ocularia App icon extins Tomorrow Branding uai
Ocularia App icon Tomorrow Branding uai

Developing the visual system and app design

We recommended the use of a visual style based on the central element: the iris. The idea is that the elements of identification of the category of information are built around the most important anatomic part of the eye.

We made sure the paragraphs were ordered and clear to capture the concept of clarity. The browsing experience is a crescendo built in stages, while the visualisation we developed is following a step by step pattern.

Ocularia App sistem vizual Tomorrow Branding uai
Ocularia App ecrane aplicatie Tomorrow Branding 01 uai
Ocularia App ecrane aplicatie Tomorrow Branding uai
Ocularia App iconuri Tomorrow Branding 01

Spreading the word with clear brand communication

As well as creating clear and structured communication of messages, we fused the written word with the brand design. Therefore, giving the brand design both a strategic and functional role.

We achieved this through the chromatic and symbolic integration of the transparent layers. This clear and well-structured way of communicating important messages is reflected in the materials we developed for the Ocularia App launch.

Ocularia App comunicare Tomorrow Branding 01 uai
Ocularia App comunicare Tomorrow Branding uai

Fusing the brand identity into the website design

We helped Ocularia integrate the new branding elements into their website design. The new visual system and design delivered both the functionality of the app and the new company approach to the website. The addition of these elements also ensured there was consistency across all touchpoints in the customer journey.

Ocularia App Site Tomorrow Branding uai
Ocularia App Site Tomorrow Branding 1 uai

The impact of our work

Since launching the app, Ocularia has received many positive comments regarding its functionality and design. The brand identity has helped add clarity both visually and verbally – playing a key role in enhancing the first interaction with the user, physician and patient.