Logo Lounge badge of honour 12 Tomorrow Branding uai

August 2020

We are happy to be awarded for the second year in a row with the Logo Lounge Badge of Honor 12 for two of our brands: Ocularia and Bendis.

Rematinvest Tomorrow Branding uai

May 2020

We are proud to start working with Rematinvest to define a new brand ecosystem for the company.

Waldkafe Tomorrow Branding 1 uai

February 2020

Tradition since 1905. Waldkafe.

Up MultiBeneficii

February 2021

Everything is easier with the right guide.

El Falaf Tomorrow Branding 1 uai

November 2019

Authenticity for an authentic brand.

Brigada de Voluntari Tomorrow Branding uai

September 2019

A flexible brand for a flexible team: the Volunteer Brigade.

Loqness smartness for every door Tomorrow Branding uai

August 2019

A brand for "smartness": Loqness.

Post uai

June 2019

We are happy to have helped the Up Coop Group in brand localisation and in developing the product identity for the Romanian market.

Logo lounge uai

May 2019

LogoLounge Book 11, featuring our winning identities, is here. We are waiting for the hardcover version.

Logo mnemonic RGWCC Tomorrow Branding 1

Mars 2019

Competition. Performance. Emotions. Soon.