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July 2021

We are happy flip through LogoLounge Book 12, featuring two of our brand identities, Ocularia and Bendis.

June 2021

The key to the perfect utility of any space or ambient. Espacient.

May 2021

Congratulations to our friends, Irina Deleanu and Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, for their work in supporting performance over the 20 years of Irina Deleanu Cup.

April 2021

Building a brand that wants to make technology an integral part of our lives, for safety, security and comfort. Synapse.

February 2021

A brand for a topic that should become a priority nowadays. When enough is enough, it’s time to do something. Bully No More.

January 2021

Inside thinking for outside value.

December 2020

Heavy work for a heavy task: recycling. Rematinvest

November 2020

Everything is simpler with the right guide.

October 2020

A brand for a new competition of the Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation: the Romanian Cup.

October 2020

Part of a series of pro bono projects: together with Ştefan Pascu Gymnasium School to tell the story of a brand and a personality.

September 2020

Technology for convinience and control.

August 2020

Glad to be awarded for the second year in a row with Logo Lounge Badge of Honour 12 for two of the brands we signed: Ocularia and Bendis.

July 2020

We are proud to start working with Rematinvest to define a new brand ecosystem for the company.

June 2020

Digital transformation starts with the core of every business. Stoked. Coming soon.

March 2020

A brand for everyone: Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.

January 2020

Tradition from 1905. Waldkafe.

November 2019

Authenticity for an authentic brand.

September 2019

A flexible brand for a flexible team: Brigada de Voluntari.

August 2019

We have built a brand for elegance and world-class grace: 2019 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup.

August 2019

A brand for smartness: Loqness.

July 2019

Strategy, naming, identity and complete implementation for an oriental tradition brand: El Falaf.

June 2019

We are glad to have helped the Up Coop Group to locate and develop the brand and products for the Romanian market.

May 2019

LogoLounge Book 11, featuring our winning identities, is here. Waiting for hardcover version.

March 2019

Competition. Performance. Emotions. Soon.

February 2019

There comes a day when out of 40.000 logos, you win. Twice.

Noiembrie 2018

A brand for one of the most important players in the contactology market: Ocularia.

September 2018

On the roads, soon: Tranzia.

August 2018

We make the final fine touches for launching the new Studio Q interface.

June 2018

Anniversary identity for 20 years of big things: BIG STORE.

April 2018

Brand identity and retail design for Gelateria Bulevard M, the place where “dolce” and “sweet” meet under the same umbrella

March 2018

We are building a custom font for Tetria. Details and case study.

February 2018

We are pleased to announce the start of the collaboration with Up Romania for building the brand for a new product of the company.

January 2018

We define a new user experience for one of the most popular romanian radio software.

December 2017

Bulevard M: a new bistro concept tailored to urban lifestyle and a completely new visual and verbal identity.

November 2017

We are working on implementing a complex rebranding process for our partner Donau, marking a new stage in the development of the company and the IT solutions it offers.

September 2017

We are working on a new visual identity for an architecture, design and construction company that wants to enter a saturated and unstable market with new services: Tetria.

September 2017

We are working on implementing a new identity for a company that truly believes that everything we need is already in the nature, not in artificial processes: Organic Gate.

September 2017

New name, positioning and brand identity for a financial services company dedicated to entrepreneurs: Fyn.

July 2017

We have created a new identity for a business education distributor that brings a portfolio of products and solutions for development to the Romanian organizations with  entrepreneurial DNA: Leadder.

May 2017

We pro bono helped the Ilfov County Youth Foundation to define its positioning and visual identity, supporting its initiative to unite all Ilfov youth associations.

April 2017

Inspired by the elements developed in the brand identity and by shapes and lines derived from the company’s products, we created a custom font for Loqness that generates maximum recognition and transmits “technology” and “smartness”.

March 2017

Cristina talked to Smark about Origini, about nature and eating healthy not just one or two days a week, but daily. Full article here.

February 2017

We help Bread&Spices, a handicraft bakery in northern Bucharest, to keep pace with the lifestyle of those who cross the threshold daily, by launching the first range of catering products.

September 2016

We implemented a new visual identity system for our friends at A4ACTION. The project has been recognized as an example of good practice in the NGO sector.

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