Turdean law

Branding is becoming more and more necessary in the professional law services segment, due to the openness of the field to diverse communication environments. The lawyer Ovidiu Turdean decided to invest in the crystallization of his brand image when he decided to continue his work independently, on his individual cabinet. His customers are entrepreneurs from a different industries, that are seeking primarily confidentiality before legal support.


A research on the domain has pointed out that that the lawyer’s name is the one that sets the trust in this market. Therefore, we have identified the opportunity to create a brand name that will revolve around lawyer’s name and personality and will gain its own emotional territory in this crowded landscape of professional law services. Through an internal audit, we came to the conclusion that Ovidiu Turdean’s main goal is to make good use of the law to improve his clients situation. From this consideration, we have decided to keep his own name and we consolidated it by applying the “Business Law” descriptive extension.

Brand identity

As Ovidiu Turdean felt the importance of marketing for law services, he was also aware that that his promotional budget would never be significant enough to generate an incisive campaign. Therefore, we have decided to design an identity that can work on its own, without strong communication efforts. For this to work, our team needed to focus on the most important attribute of this type of service: the relationship with the client. Based on thus, we decided to personified the name in the form of a confidentiality symbol and built an identity that synthesizes the person and personifies the services. The brand architecture has clarified the categories of offered services, while, at brand level, it has made a reinforcement transfer of the graphic symbol. All the services offered by this lawyer are dedicated to companies that are looking to feel the results of services according to analytical and emotional parameters such as evolution, comfort, growth.

Brand design

The logo summarizes the name in the graphic expression of the word Turdean, thus supporting the chosen name. At the same time, the design accurately reflects the spirit of the brand: it has a certain depth and conveys an important attribute of the experience provided by these services: confidentiality. The chosen color emphasizes the positive characteristic of the relationship with the attorney, give space at the same time for the creation of personal perceptive associations. These two characteristics together are key points for customer comfort and the quality of services provided in this market.

Online and offline environment

We merged the brand experience with the privacy concept, the result being the graphic implementation within the the office location. Transparency of a meeting room becomes infallible by drawing glass with shapes derived from brand identity. The feeling of trust is supported by creating a visual description on the presentation pages. The confidentiality is reinforced by the absence of customer recommendations.


Tomorrow recommended the use of basic materials for identity communication. From online presence to business cards exchange, the brand confirmed after the first exposure before its customers: confidentiality of shared information are always delivered by Turdean Law.