Designing a custom font which gave Tetria the blueprint for success in the architectural and construction industry

As a part of the ongoing branding strategy for architecture and construction company, Tetria, we created a custom font.

The font is an integral part of the visual system we developed for them, helping to simplify communication and generate brand recognition at every touchpoint.

Inspired by their architectural design

Our inspiration behind the Tetria Arhi custom font was largely based around the shapes of architectural constructions. We invested time in studying the details of their previous projects and defined a set of shapes to use in the font creation process. This allowed us to define the common points of all the characters.

The result is an utterly unique, technical font with elements inspired by architecture and construction.

Complete adoption leading to a consistent brand identity

The main purpose of the font is to visually unify all online and offline text-related branded materials. Since we finished the font design, it’s been used across the whole business for a wide range of reasons. From marketing and communication campaigns to technical and operational messaging. The Arhi font has even been adopted by Tetria partners who provide complementary services for their customers.