Tetria Arhi Font

As part of a long-lasting collaboration, Tomorrow Branding created a custom font for Tetria. The font is the part of a total rebranding process, that assumed involvement from name to brand activation. The purpose of building this font was to simplify the communication and generate recognition in all touchpoints.

A visual voice for the entire brand

We worked closely with our friends at Tetria. We were inspired by shapes and architectural constructions. We have studied projects and details and defined a set of shapes to use in the process of font creation. This is how we defined the common points of all the characters. The result was a technical, architectural font with elements inspired by architecture, construction and related areas. The font main purpose is to visually unify all online and offline branded materials, primarily based on text.

A font for all uses.

The font was quickly adopted on all business levels and has become a common work tool for the people involved in marketing and communication, as well as for those involved in technical and operational. The implementation of the font went even further, with the font being used by Tetria parterns that are  providing complementary services for customers.