Seven Wonders

Since 2007, Seven Wonders is a family business. It grew slowly, organically but eventually, due to its focus on quality, found its place in the busy segment of fast-food restaurants that are operating in Cluj. Although it is a local business with limited budgets for marketing and communication, it has built over time a loyal consumer base, similar with global or national players on this segment. 2016 was the year when Seven Wonders management decided to focus its efforts on what is the main reason for quality: how products are prepared, investing in locations in Cluj Napoca for the beginning. In this context, Tomorrow crystallized the new positioning and started the process of building the new identity.

Identity and brand architecture

Our team created a modern brand that strengthens the perceived quality of the products. The design of the logo has been preserved because it symbolizes the food category very well. Nevertheless, we were focusing on visual simplification, with the target of building an easy-to-remember logo. The final visual result invites to discovery while proposing a well-defined logo with unique, own elements as part of the visual universe of the brand. The brand message was also simplified and clarified. The new slogan explains the name, while allowing further associations to be made. “Wonderful combinations” synthesize commitment to quality and the determination to create the perfect mix of ingredients and products. The chosen slogan creates, together with the name, a brand vehicle. The proposed brand architecture complies with the branding principles and illustrates the business model. To create it, we have added simple yet descriptive words, that together with the brand name create unity and clarity.

Brand design

Tomorrow developed the declinations of the logo and created a visual platform that can communicate all the descriptive elements of Seven Wonders. The icon system completes the minimalist logo, creating an identity that conveys a similar lifestyle with the ones that go beyond the threshold: urban, simplified, quick access to product information. By applying these elements to both packaging and especially to the locations environment, the brand carries this connection.

Environment design

We wanted to convey the brand attributes in the location design, while respecting the customer’s budget. So, the graphic elements have been translated into decorative elements that support the urban brand feature. The façade of the location has been virtually transformed by the harmonious integration of the identity elements, thus resulting in a brand consistency. The Seven Wonders location has become a wonderful place in the cluttered agglomeration of the street landscape.


Our desired project outcome was to draw a strong identity to help the owner recover the investments used to expand his locations. This goal was accomplished by generating high clients turnover and increased sales in the the first few months. Tomorrow and Seven Wonders have a solid and dynamic collaboration since 2014, Tommorow being a constant in all of business expansion projects.