Origini. Natural products straight from the farm.

In search of authenticity, more and more desired by consumers, the evocation of traditions and the provenance of food has become increasingly commony. In this market we have discovered the story of a business for whose owners the decision maker in choosing a product is his nutritional value. We have responded with dedication and commitment by creating a brand that talks about how and where the products are made. The impact has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

A name for authenticity.

The need to change the name of the business came at a time when two main production points were integrated into the main production site: a former CAP at the foot of the Carpathians and a point for collecting and processing wild fish in the Danube Delta. The new name, “Origini”, tells how the business is built: having its own farms, where clean raw material is cultivated or grown up, handcrafted manufactures, and the straight way, directly from the farm to the final consumer. The name empathizes with the target audience – mostly over 30-year-olds in Bucharest, with income over the medium, concerned about a healthy lifestyle. For them authenticity is the basic criteria for choosing a natural product. Origini lead above this concept, combining it with the traditional to the level where the past – with the recipes and the means of manufacturing in the villages’ kitchens – becomes inspiration. The brand remains current and modern, confirming that the source of health is represented by the food we consume.

Brand identity as a story.

The traditional village house, located at the base of the mountains, on the plain or on a water stream, became the expression of authenticity as a story. The modern interpretation of a Romanian inspirational element supports the promise of the Origini brand and expresses the three basic components of the business: manufacturing location, land cultivation and fishing, and craft. The logo asserts the Romanian traditions and, through design, conveys the essence of the brand to an extended audience. The final version of this symbol is a concept that clarifies, for all those who interact with the Origini brand, the farm’s expression through personal and emotional significance, leaving in the same time enough room for interpretation.

The brand architecture of the natural.

To build the brand architecture, our team started from the components of the business as sources of economic flow and integration, as part of the brand. We synthesized the masterbrand components in two elements: production locations – a confirmation of the authenticity of the products as a fundamental attribute and product categories – the support of the essence of the brand, as a reminder that the source of health is found in foods obtained by minimal invasive processes. In the creative process, we have incorporated graphic elements from the logo and visually and verbally clarified the relationship between the Origini masterbrand and its sub-divisions.

Visual sincerity through brand design.

We analyzed the local industrial, bio and organic food market. The focus was directed on the consumers’ need for visual sincerity. Our desire was transformed into a goal: the design must personify the essence of Origini. In this way the audience understands the core of the brand from the first exposure. The identity was developed further on by creating authentic elements. The craftsman has moved from a traditional farmer to a premium brand and has become an important player in the agricultural producers’ market, with minimal awareness costs.

From simple to brand communication.

Tomorrow recommends applying the principles of transparency and sincerity in the verbal identity of the brand. One of the main creative directions was to avoid the approach that traditional or drug-type products are using. The attributes of Origini were reinforced: people behind the products, manual processes of production and premium quality. The brand was completed with graphic devices that are further inviting the viewer to discover the Origini story, by following the conceptual chapters: the crafted line, icons to clarify and fill the image, the text that always contains simple words, even regionalisms.

Packaging for authenticity.

The shelf analysis revealed a market of large producers who tend to position their products according to their origin, from the Romanian village world. We designed a product packaging to support the nutritional and premium value of the products, while the implementation to be done by the customer under the conditions of internal processes. The final result was a packaging design that differentiates the product and convinces the public to discover the story. Tomorrow recommended to differentiate the products through graphic and verbal elements with a specific and clear role: the naming of the products opposite to the industrial ones, icons for the raw material, way of production and ingredients. We have used this approach on Origini’s packaging system, with excellent results: a modern, up to date and authentic packanging, for authentic products.

Presence and brand consistency.

Our approach has been to create an identity system that can function on any communication channel, consolidating its position and creating a positive experience for consumers. The challenge was two folded. Firstly, there was a need to compensate for the lack of standardization at product level – a product may have different dimensions and consistencies throughout the year. Secondly, the production costs had to maintain a fixed threshold, out of the final value of a product. The brand story was completed with natural, inspirational elements from the village, also hand-made by suppliers or by the people at Origini.

Natural in digital design.

The challenge for building the website came mostly from the limitations of using a predefined themes. The most important visual aspect of the website are the products photos. These images were created to comply with brand identity and to harmonize with the handicraft line of the Origini brand. The icons and the fluent integration of all brand components along with the purchase steps, the description of the products in the same tone with the brand’s verbal universe, are making this website a fair and efficient sales tool for the manufacturer.


The new Origini brand was launched in 2014 with the implementation of the new packaging system and change of the company name. The consumer reaction came immediately and we had “earned media” from already existing customers, who have now found an extra reason to talk about how much they love Origini products.

The growth, in conjunction with the expanding distribution and the constant, organic broadening of monthly customers, exceeded both our and our clients’ expectations. Today, the brand is an organic source of fans and leads in all communication media: retail and online. And most importantly, the customer sees in the success of this new brand the consistent transposition of his vision: healthy food for his family.