Ocularia App

Ocularia, a company active in the optical field, was trying to meet its customers’ expectations by developing an application that would connect patients with their doctors. By doing this, the patient and the doctor will always have real time access to health records and pathology evolution. In the same time, useful information is provided to patients. This new tool needed visual and verbal support.

App identity

The identity of Ocularia was build around the idea of clarity. The slogan: “Your eyes on our sight, day by day”, is talking about the new approach of the company as well as about the care that the doctors care for their patients. Identity uses transparent layers to capture the complexity of this area. The whole communication channels the idea of eye health care.

Visual system and app design

Tomorrow recommended the use of a visual style based on the central element: the iris. The elements of identification of the category of information are built around the most important anatomic part of the eye. The paragraphs are ordered and clear, as they need to underlay the concept of clarity. The browsing experience is a crescendo, build in stages, while the visualization is following a step by step pattern.

Brand communication

The chromatic and symbolic integration of the transparent layers have been the basis for the development of brand communication. Therefore, brand design plays both a strategic and functional role. The clear and structured communication of messages is fully reflected in the materials developed for Ocularia App launch.

Web design

The website is actively integrating the branding elements, created to deliver both the functionality of the application and the new company business approach.


Related to the identity, the main plus for of the business was the assimilation of this new approach and its overall clarification both visually and verbally. Due to its relevant positioning in the category, the app confirms its role from the first interaction with a user, physician or patient alike.