6 events dedicated to non-formal education, organized in Ilfov County, each one in different locations: this was the starting point of name and identity creation for this project, organized by the A4ACTION association, in partnership with other 5 associations.


Nomad is a journey that continuously seeks to promote education, a continuous movement and manifestation, as it is visually illustrated by the location symbolistic. It is a brand that speaks about the characteristic of a generation: the continuous journey towards new discoveries, the reshaping to the dynamism of the world, where the static is almost lacking. We are all nomads in the journey to self-discovery.

Brand identity

In order to enhance both the unified communication of events and the memorability of the name, Tomorrow created “location” – a guiding symbol that that allows young people to easily identify all the information they require to be part in caravan events. The location is the starting point where other, nomadic, hipster elements are built, completing the identity. The graffiti pattern encourages to action and manifestation, marking the passage of the caravan through the different locations.

Brand design and communication

Brand communication accurately reflects the brand spirit. Thus, the travelers are imprinting their personal mark on all locations. Color choices and word style emphasize young character, generating closeness and trust. A completion of the logo with the location symbol allowed communication to be developed, respecting the unity and identification criteria.


Currently, NOMAD is recognized as one of the most innovative projects dedicated to non-formal education. The events in the caravan were a real success, resulting in new representative relationships in non-governmental organizations environment. Thus, the NOMAD project is repetitive, and is part of the main projects of the A4ACTION association. It was one of the projects awarded at the Youth Gala in Romania.