Leadder. Developing your full potential.

Leadder, a business education distributor, wanted to envisioned a shifting process of their new development line into a brand that will help the company to clarify the program stages of developing the organizations with entrepreneurial DNA in Romania. The brand has evolved around the idea of “developing your full potential”.

Step by step towards a better Romania.

The ladder is the road the company goes along with customers. It is a symbol of development and evolution, a clear and unified picture of progress. The customer wanted to keep the current logo. Thus, we had to build around it an entire universe, around the concept and significance of the ladder as a succession of steps. The steps are Leadder’s paths towards a better Romania. They come in various layouts: simple or complicated, step-by-step a or leaps and bounds. It’s important to become a better version of you every day.

A scalable and flexible brand communication system.

The communication assemblies are numerous and flexible, this being one of the company’s needs, given the fact that they offer a multitude of programs and courses. The visual system is completed with icons, constructed in such a way that each one represents an individual step and are always part of a road, and therefore, in communication situations, they must be integrated into forms that define a visual way of displaying a message.

New directions, new customers, the same mission.

Leadder’s activity is guided by its own values. That’s why they work toward improving user experience. Values are related to the benefits that customers enjoy, in both emotional and business levels. The customers response came quickly, as they identified themselves with the company’s mission (to create a better Romania through the development of leaders). Consequently, Leadder decided to access exclusively two new types of programs to meet a new wave of customers.