A brand identity that helps Leadder climb up the business education ladder

Leadder is a distributor of business education that helps develop organisations across Romania. They were keen to evolve their existing branding and establish an identity that clarified the programme stages of developing organisations with entrepreneurial DNA.

We played an integral role in evolving the brand around the idea of “developing your full potential”.

Adapting the brand identity while maintaining the concept

The ladder is the road the company goes along with customers. It’s a symbol of development and evolution. A clear and unified picture of progress.

With Leadder wanting to keep their current logo, we had to build an identity that fitted around the concept and significance of the ladder as a succession of steps.

The steps are Leadder’s path towards a better Romania. They come in various layouts, both simple and complicated, all helping people become a better version of themselves every day.

A scalable and flexible brand communication system

The communication system we created captures the sheer multitude of programmes and courses Leadder offer. The visual system is completed with icons, each constructed in a way which represents an individual step and form a part of the road to success.

The visual system also integrates into forms that define a visual way of displaying a message for communication situations.

The impact of the new brand identity

The new direction led by us, paired with their existing ladder concept generated an immediate positive response.

Businesses found it easier to identify themselves within the company’s mission and were keen to engage in their services.

As a result, Leadder decided to launch two new types of programmes to meet the new wave of customers.

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