Branding which helps serve up new customers for BulevardM

Bulevard M is a bistro and coffee restaurant in Romania. The owners were keen to make its mark within the urban agglomeration of restaurants with a new bistro concept focusing on offering a quick lunch in the afternoon and a slow dinner in the evening.

We supported this exciting project through brand naming, brand implementation and location design.

A clearer brand name and identity

The name BulevardM reinforces the concept of urban bistro and highlights its location in Muncii Boulevard. Not only does this add clarity for customers, but it also enhances their searchability online.

The brand identity was built in the form of a scalable coat of arms with the letter “M” at the base symbolising a table. All visual style elements we use derived from these symbols.

The landscape is complemented chromatically and visually by elegant and modern elements inside the location.

The impact of the new rebrand

Since introducing the new logo design and brand identity, BulevardM has managed to attract the desired audience.

It’s now widely regarded as a new oasis in the crowded urban landscape.