Helping Bread&Spices new product launch make more dough

Bread&Spices is a handicraft bakery in northern Bucharest. To keep up with the fast-moving lifestyles of their regular customers, they decided to launch their first range of catering products, ‘Made by us’.

Handmade in their kitchens, their new products are a healthy take on urban recipes and can be enjoyed on the spot or taken away.

Naming the new range

Every customer associates the Bread&Spices brand with handcrafted, freshness and 100% natural ingredients. When they visit their local shop, they know the products will be baked in the Bread&Spices kitchen.

With this in mind, we wanted to highlight this handmade element and personal touch by naming the new product range, “Made by us”.

To reinforce the brand strategy and name, we used “made with love” as a sign-off message.

Creating a product range identity

We used monochrome and proprietary graphic elements of the brand – namely the wheat spike and font, to build the identity of the new range of products.

We also synthesised two basic elements. Firstly, the nutritional balance of the range created by the mix of the ingredients and the production and consumption cycles. Secondly, the central element for visual construction has become the wheat spike.

Brand strategy and packaging design

Our first challenge was to create the visual unity of the range of products. We overcame this by creating a unitary visual system that works for both restaurant and exclusive breakfast products.

To add trust and familiarity with the “Made by us” name, we made it the centrepiece of the packaging. We backed this up by adding brand attribute badges, such as “High protein” and “Vegetarian”.

The ergonomic design is confirmed by the consistent presence of the brand on all types of packaging.

The impact of our work

The identity strategy works because it sends out a clear message on how products are made. Once the new packaging was introduced, the customer response was immediate. Bread&Spices have been selling out of the takeaway showcase quicker than ever, as customers start to recognise the nutritional benefits of their products.

Customers are more likely to buy something made in the Bread&Spices kitchen now, instead of choosing a different range.