Made by us

We helped Bread&Spices, a handicraft bakery in northern Bucharest, to keep pace with the lifestyle of those who cross their threshold daily, to launch their first range of catering products. Blending perfectly with warm bread, these products are made in their own lab, following healthy, “cool urban” recipes. The products from this range can be enjoyed on the spot or as take away, for home or office.


Each Bread&Spices customer is familiar with the brand attributes: handcrafted, fresh, 100% natural ingredients. Each location is baking the goods on their own lab. Therefore, we have identified the opportunity to make aware the consumers that the brand has decided to move to the next level of business development and created a new name: “Made by us”. To consolidate the brand strategy and name memorability, Tomorrow completed the new name with the “made with love” message.

Product range identity

The identification elements (re)known – monochrome (black and white) and proprietary graphic elements of the brand – wheat spike and font, constituted the starting point in building the identity of the new range of products. Two basic elements were synthetized: the nutritional balance of the range created by the mix of the ingredients and the production and consumption cycles. The central element for the visual construction has become the wheat spike.

Strategy and packaging

Our first challenge was to create the visual unity of the products range. This was realized in a form of a unitary visual system that works for two different products ranges: restaurant products (pasta, lemonade, salad) and exclusive breakfast products. Product name is the centerpiece of the packaging, that is backed-up by brand attributes badges: “High protein”, “Vegetarian”, etc. The ergonomic design is confirmed by the consistent presence of the brand on all types of packaging.


The identity strategy works because it sends out a clear message on how products are designed. Once the new packaging was introduced, the customers response was immediate. The take away showcase began to empty faster within a day, as they began to demand more often protein-rich or vitamin-rich products. Now if customers come in to get bread from Bread&Spices they will most likely buy something made in the kitchen here.