Giving Big Store the tools to rebrand and be a leader in the retail market for power tools

For the past 20 years, Big Store has been providing the Romanian public with the best power tools and equipment. During this time, they’ve defined a set of values and principles of professionalism which have played a critical role in delivering an excellent quality of service to their clients.

To share these values more clearly and strengthen their position in an ever-evolving market, Big Store decided it was time for a rebrand.

One of the first parts of the rebranding project was to develop a brand positioning that highlights the relationship the company has with both parts of the commercial chain – their suppliers and customers. It also needed to integrate their values of professionalism, positioning as the best brand, premium consulting and service, history and tradition. After collaborative conceptualising, we created a slogan of “De la mare la mare”, meaning “From big to big: big tools and machines, from big brands, for big people and big projects”.

For the logo design, we used a Carpathian bear, as it perfectly captures the power of the tools, the strength of the people and the authentic Romanian origin of the company. It combines all the characteristics of the brand and how it accumulates brand value with each use. We also used a bold style, unique symbols and a bright yellow colour in our design to help signage stand out and capture the unique nature of this retailer.

The icon system we created further complements the identity and clarifies the products and services of the company. The visual platform is used on all Big Store’s marketing and advertising materials – from simple communications to catalogues and cobranding collateral.


LogoLounge 11 Badge of Honour

In-store retail design and implementation

To coincide with the opening of one of the largest showrooms of professional tools in Romania, Big Store tasked us with building a retail concept which considered all contact points, aisles and possible future system scalability.

Using the principles we defined in the first part of the branding process, we successfully developed a visual system for the store which is on-brand and helps build value for customers and suppliers. This includes identification materials, store signage, visibility levels, contact points and printed marketing handouts.

Brand identity creation to celebrate a big milestone

To celebrate Big Store’s 20th anniversary, we designed a celebratory version of their new logo. This incorporated a laurel wreath to add a festive and market-leading feel to the numeric value.

We also built a brand communication campaign that brings this milestone to the fore. Keeping the messaging simple and focusing it on the impact Big Store’s equipment and services has on the everyday lives of people. The result of the campaign messaging captured all categories of products and services of the company.