Alexandra Calafeteanu

Alexandra Calafeteanu identity is one of the first projects developed by Tomorrow Branding. Created originally for a fashion designer, this brand remains faithful to its identity and succeeds in transcending time, just like Alexandra’s work.

Brand identity

The acronym of Alexandra Calafeteanu is AC (needle in Romanian language).We used this symbol to develop the identity, as AC synthesizes two important aspects of clothing design: creation and ability, both needed for a higher visibility in the fashion industry landscape.

Brand design

The new graphic identity simultaneously places the designer in creation and deployment. Simplicity becomes the latest level of sophistication in fashion. A defining symbol for the category, the needle stands out in the logo design as a metaphor. It is therefore familiar, while the drawing principle makes it unique and suitable for a single brand: Alexandra Calafeteanu.


The designer Alexandra Calafeteanu enjoys a unitary identity that manages to synthesize both the domain and the name, in a simple and easy to remember form. As a result of the continuous PR actions the brand becomes more and more recognizable based on her creations, visually signed by the logo.