Designing a fashion brand for Alexandra Calafeteanu which turns heads

Alexandra Calafeteanu is a well-established fashion brand in Romania and was one of our first projects at Tomorrow Branding.

Just like Alexandra’s work, her brand remains faithful to its identity and timeless in design.

A brand identity that makes a statement

The acronym of Alexandra Calafeteanu is AC – meaning needle in Romanian. We used this symbol to develop the brand identity, as AC perfectly integrates the two most important aspects of clothing design: creativity and ability. Both of these attributes are essential in building brand awareness in the highly competitive fashion industry.

Stylish brand design

The new graphic identity simultaneously places the designer in creation and deployment. We recognised the importance of simplicity, and how it can act as the highest level of sophistication in the fashion industry.

The needle in the logo design is a defining symbol, while the drawing principle makes it unique and suitable for a single brand.

The impact of our work

The designer behind the brand, Alexandra Calafeteanu, has gone on to enjoy significant success in the Romanian fashion industry.

With the help of ongoing PR efforts, the branding has been exposed to more people and is becoming more recognised as a quality fashion brand.