Raising the profile of A4ACTION and setting the bar for other NGOs with a powerful brand identity

A4ACTION is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Romania, whose main objective is to promote volunteering and engagement using non-formal education methods.

This local initiative aims to bring young people together, offering them a chance to get involved in the community.

The brand identity process started by analysing the attributes of the target audience – Generation Z (people born between 1996-2015). The final result is a brand that specifically addresses this highly digitised generation.

A brand identity for the youth

With a limited budget and investment backing to promote the new brand, we developed an identity which spoke for itself. The logo makes people want to take action. It’s engaging, flexible and dynamic. Integrating the symbol into the font creates a strong and complex wordmark.

At the same time, the design plays an important role in identity development, helping to clarify the brand architecture.

Engaging design and brand communication

“Play” is probably the most famous digital icon. It represents involvement, action, opportunity and possibility. This reflects A4ACTION’S flexibility and involvement in all aspects of a young person’s life – from social life to learning and education.

The identity system and communication platform also support the relationship that the brand builds with its audience. Using the identity system across all printed and online materials helps to enhance communication.

A brand identity that puts the people first

The final stage of the brand identity process for A4ACTION was to develop a strategy that focuses the communication on the main internal resource: the people and volunteers.

Both are integral in the success of this NGO and can help maximise message reception and acceptance for any campaign.

Volunteers are an essential part of the local community and can act as advocates when a message is directly aimed at them.

The communication system created around this principle formed the foundation of building the relationship with the A4ACTION brand, while also improving its memorability and adding value to the audience.

Maximising brand engagement

A4ACTION’s involvement in the community required the right communication and visual tools to express it. We developed a platform whereby the promise of the brand (to be involved), is respected from the inside out.

True engagement with the brand happens when the expectations of the audience are satisfied on an emotional level. For a generation that wants to change the world, we needed to give them access to the tools that’ll enable them to make a difference and be at the heart of this activity. Adopting this approach confirms the brand’s mission and generates positive behaviour – internalising the message and acting to achieve the goals.

The impact of our work

In 2016, A4ACTION was awarded at the highly prestigious Youth Gala in Romania. Since then, they’ve become an integral part of the young local community and the brand communication we implemented has acted as a blueprint for NGOs in the whole of Romania.