A4ACTION is an NGO whose main objective is to promote volunteering and engagement using non-formal education methods. This local initiative aims to bring together young people, offering them an  chance to get involved in the community and society. The identity creation process started from the attributes of Z generation, the main target of the association. The brand takes into consideration the specificities of this highly digitized group as powerful triggers for the association mission.

A brand identity for the youth

In a category with limited budgets and investments in brand image and differentiation, Tomorrow created the identity as a tool for singalizing the causes of the NGO, while, at the same time, bringing uniqueness and memorability. The logo illustrates action and engagement, flexibility and dynamism. Integrating the symbol into the font creates a strong and complex wordmark. At the same time, the design has received a very important function into the identity development, clarifying the brand architecture – made up of the permanent or temporary programs and becoming a functional element of reconfirming the identity, every time it is used.

Design and brand communication

Play, probably the most famous digital icon, synthesizes involvement, action, opportunity and possibility. The reflects the association’s flexibility and involvement in all aspects of young people’s life, from social life to learning and education. At the same time, the identity system and communication platform support the relationship that the brand builds with its audience. Beside this, the system assumes the role of enhancing communication in all its printed or online materials: business cards, sites, locations.

People first

We have completed the identity development with a strategy that focuses the brand communication on the main internal resource: people and volunteers. They are examples of engagement and can help maximize message reception and acceptance for any campaign. Volunteers, as part of the local community, allow the brand to capture the audience’s attention by conveying the message directly. The communication system created around this principle is the foundation of building the relationship with the A4ACTION brand. Also, this system is enhancing its memorability and provides real value to the audience.

Brand engagement and brand center

A4ACTION’s involvement in community requires communication and visual tools to express it. A platform has been developed whereby the promise of the brand (to be involved), is respected from the inside out. True emotional engagement with the brand happens when the expectations of the audience are satisfied at the emotional level. For a generation that wants to change the world, having access to the tools that enables them to be at the heart of this activity is a confirmation of the brand’s mission. Such an approach generates positive brand behavior: internalizing the message and acting to achieve the goals.

Web design

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In 2016 A4ACTION was awarded at the Youth Gala in Romania. Within the local community, A4ACTION has become perceived to be truly dedicated to Snagov youth. At national level, brand communication efforts have been given as an example of good conduct for NGOs.