Man beyond distribution

The IT distribution market has undergone major transformations in recent years. On the afterdays of the economic, crisis technology has begun to be seen as a component of business efficiency. In this context, one of the first IT distributors in Romania has identified the opportunity to make the necessary changes to streamline the delivery processes. Tomorrow Branding has been invited to help crystallize the positioning and to enhance the overall image of the brand.

Brand identity

The internal audit revealed a successful technology distribution company with a friendly, “man-to-man” approach of the sales process. At the same time, we also found the need for a relevant identity to smooth out trade efforts under the current market conditions. The existing name, Matrix Business Distribution, MBD, in addition to the fact that it greatly limits the scope of business, was slightly generic and outdated for the company. Taking all these angles into consideration, a change of verbal identity was our proposed solution. The new name – MAN BEYOND DISTRIBUTION talks about the processes behind commercial activity and how t are these addressed: commercial empathy towards the audience. Memorable and very personal, the new name was immediately appreciated by organization decision makers.

Brand design

The new identity synthesizes in a distinct and memorable way the meaning of the acronym MBD. The totality of the elements suggests dynamism and modernity. In balance, the chromaticity has been restricted to strong, living tones that support the business’s capabilities and firmness. The logo is drawn from a technological perspective, but it leaves rooms for symbolic interpretation as to be perceived as friendly and open. The graphical language uses architectural elements derived from the logo and unique elements, inspired by the universe of technology.

Communication platform

Visually inspired by the technology universe, we recommended the construction of the communication platform from the core of the brand perspective: centered around people. That is why the communication system addresses the messages from the business context to the product specifications. The visual platform displays native technology systems.


MBD has gladly embraced the proposed visual and verbal solutions, helping to optimize the work processes between the marketing and sales departments. They have decided to delay set in motion of the new identity at the time being, until the new sales processes will be implemented (digital channel development for IT distribution).