Loqness Display custom font

As part of a wider collaboration involving a branding process and several products launches (complete case study soon), the Loqness project has benefit of a font creation component. Our team worked with elements that were present in the identity, shapes and lines derived from the company’s products and created a custom font that inspires maximum recognition and transmits “technology” and “smartness”.

A font for smartness

Created as an extension of the logo, the font is first of all dynamic, each character having two states. Everything revolves around the concept of “lock segments”. Product design has played an important role in the drawing process. The custom font is used on all branded materials, online and offline, being the main graphic device of the brand.


The Loqness brand is at the development and launch stage. Consequently, the created font is also in the implementation and optimization phase on all the materials, channels and environments on which the brand is displayed. Once the release will take place, we will come back with other areas of use.